Thesis project animation update.

I took some time off and just came back from Utah (and the best screenwriting workshop, yet). Thank you Jenni James and the LDS film festival. Here’s a thesis project animation update.

Now, it’s back to the grindstone. Working on finishing up my animation. You can read the full scope of my thesis project here.

This week is ANIMATION week

Yesterday, I finished on the drawing for an animated OTS (over the shoulder) shot. My mom came to help and lend an artist’s eye. I think we got it. The books are still wrong. I created them as separate layers so I can fix them separately from the rest of the scene or leave them out entirely.

thesis project animation update:  electronic illustration depicting laptop over a woman's shoulder.
Drawing an OTS shot is mind bending. Scene elements were created in Adobe Illustrator

This week, I’ll finish creating assets in Adobe Illustrator and begin creating the puppets and files in Adobe Character Animator. I’ll be working on eyes, mouths and arms. Next, I’ll drawing a couple of lawyers for scene 5. Finally, I’ll finalize the voice-overs in Adobe Audition and be ready for motion capture animation.

 thesis project animation update: Illustrations of characters created for an animation. Featuring a young woman, a teenage boy, an old man, a man in a hospital gown and bunny slippers, Christine Meier and a heavy set woman.
Preliminary character sketches.

Next week, I’ll complete the animations and assemble the project using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Take a peek at the rough mock-up I made as a guide.

When’s the next thesis project animation update?

Expect another thesis project animation update next Wednesday, where, hopefully I’ll have a nearly finished product for you to preview. I need to think about background music, sound effects and the big challenge.

Thesis project animation big challenge.

I really world like Edison, my dog, to appear in the video. It is so hard to draw and animate a dog. Since I have to graduate in May – I’m going to build the video with out him and hope I have time in the end to add him. Plus, I think, after next week I’ll have more confidence in my character animator skills.

What’s up next?

Shooting and editing expert interviews and crafting a TV commercial.

Need an Animated video?

I can create an animated video for your website, blog or business. Contact me and we’ll talk.

Harvard Capstone Film Projects

My proposal for Harvard Capstone Film Projects has been accepted! Saturday brought the great (& terrifying) news putting me right on track for a May 28, 2020 graduation date.

When I registered for video editing in the Fall of 2018, I had no idea it would completely change my life path. It was in that class I learned I am happiest behind the computer editing and animating.

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2020 Upcoming film projects

Here’s a rundown of my upcoming film projects.

Master’s Thesis Work – Spring

Animated Explainer Videos

January, 2020. I’m creating a series of animated explainer videos for a start-up legal/insurance website. These videos will help consumers navigate insurance and legal issues. I’m experimenting with some motion capture animation techniques with these videos.

There’s an open casting call for non-union voice-over artists. I’m looking for one female and one male to voice supporting characters. Voice recording will take place in early-mid-January in Palmetto, Florida. See project listing on to submit.

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Fireworks Accident Promo Video

Here’s a recent Fireworks Accident Promo Video I produced as part of an SEO & content campaign.

The Problem: SEO and Budget.

This small business owner needed to increase his advertising ROI. He wanted to: decrease his overall adverting spend, get more potential customers on the page, increase website session duration and improve organic search ranking on specific topics.

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Holiday Animation

Here’s a holiday animation I made in lieu of Christmas cards. Vintage christmas card images were manipulated and animated with AfterEffects.

Happy Holidays! This year we didn’t have time to send cards, heck I finished this video with only 59 minutes of Christmas left. We’ve had a lovely three days with family and are looking forward to a couple more. Having a late Christmas video means that you all will have time to watch it, right, maybe?

Awesome music by the US Marine Corps Band via Images via


This film was created from a facebook post by my friend Celeste Chapman. It combines found footage and AfterEffects animations to start a discussion about the labels we put on ourselves.

A final project for DGMD E-35 – Cut 1. Original Composition with curated footage. 
Footage from, &
Music by David David Szesztay via

Ring Around the Poseys

Can you be a suburban wife and mother one minute and a criminal the next without doing a thing? After discovering her home on fire, Heather Posey was arrested for arson.

Now, she is fighting for her family, her reputation and her freedom. Forced out of retirement and back to Ohio to support themselves and their legal battles, how are Heather and her family coping with an uncertain future?

Watch the film

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