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Motion Design

Kinetic Typography

A moving infographic created from a mix of original and stock icons. Music by Benjamin Tissot at bensound.com.

GIF of payment flow created for corporate email campaign.

Animated GIF for Corporate Email

A custom GIF to be used in a corporate email campaign. Created with a few screen grabs and a stock image. Image by kirstyfields from Pixabay

Animated Explainer Video

Animated Explainer Video created with customized stock icons. Original script. Voices: Kevin Larkin & Christine Meier. Music by Benjamin Tissot at bensound.com. SFX : Freesound.org CC0 Licenses.

Animated Video Ad

30 Sec TV Commercial styled from animated still stock images.

Images: Adobe Stock via standard subscription license.
Script Credit: Rina Becker, Music: Depression by Sascha Ende

Animated Intro Video

A motion capture animated video using Adobe Character Animator featuring bespoke characters and backgrounds. Music by Benjamin Tissot at bensound.com.

Animated Holiday Card

After Effects animation created using public domain antique christmas card images. Music from the free music archive.

Logo Animation

After Effects logo animation.

Live Action Video

Documentary Interview

Short Documentary Feature created in 2019.

Expert Interview

Expert Interview, Created as web footage.

Found Footage Storytelling

Creative storytelling using found stock footage and original animation. Based on a real facebook post.

Static Design