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I took some time off and just came back from Utah (and the best screenwriting workshop, yet). Thank you Jenni James and the LDS film festival. Here’s a thesis project animation update.

Now, it’s back to the grindstone. Working on finishing up my animation. You can read the full scope of my thesis project here.

This week is ANIMATION week

Yesterday, I finished on the drawing for an animated OTS (over the shoulder) shot. My mom came to help and lend an artist’s eye. I think we got it. The books are still wrong. I created them as separate layers so I can fix them separately from the rest of the scene or leave them out entirely.

thesis project animation update:  electronic illustration depicting laptop over a woman's shoulder.
Drawing an OTS shot is mind bending. Scene elements were created in Adobe Illustrator

This week, I’ll finish creating assets in Adobe Illustrator and begin creating the puppets and files in Adobe Character Animator. I’ll be working on eyes, mouths and arms. Next, I’ll drawing a couple of lawyers for scene 5. Finally, I’ll finalize the voice-overs in Adobe Audition and be ready for motion capture animation.

 thesis project animation update: Illustrations of characters created for an animation. Featuring a young woman, a teenage boy, an old man, a man in a hospital gown and bunny slippers, Christine Meier and a heavy set woman.
Preliminary character sketches.

Next week, I’ll complete the animations and assemble the project using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Take a peek at the rough mock-up I made as a guide.


When’s the next thesis project animation update?

Expect another thesis project animation update next Wednesday, where, hopefully I’ll have a nearly finished product for you to preview. I need to think about background music, sound effects and the big challenge.

Thesis project animation big challenge.

I really world like Edison, my dog, to appear in the video. It is so hard to draw and animate a dog. Since I have to graduate in May – I’m going to build the video with out him and hope I have time in the end to add him. Plus, I think, after next week I’ll have more confidence in my character animator skills.

What’s up next?

Shooting and editing expert interviews and crafting a TV commercial.

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