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My proposal for Harvard Capstone Film Projects has been accepted! Saturday brought the great (& terrifying) news putting me right on track for a May 28, 2020 graduation date.

When I registered for video editing in the Fall of 2018, I had no idea it would completely change my life path. It was in that class I learned I am happiest behind the computer editing and animating.

A long wait.

Screen shot of final project submission.

I finished last semester on December 4 and then waited and waited and waited. Grades finally came out January 7 but no joy.

The proposal writing class is a no credit class, nice because its free, bad because you don’t even get a pass/fail. I knew I’d passed the class – my adviser used my project as a teaching tool, but you never know for sure with academia.

Finally, Capstone Project Approval

Screenshot of an email regarding course registration.

As always, the news comes couched in a cryptic email. I immediately logged on to the student portal and got the good news.

Screen shot from my Harvard Account.
Insert heavy sigh of relief followed by wave of panic here.

Harvard Capstone Film Projects Sneak Peek

My project will include:

  • 3-5 Expert Interview videos
  • A 30 second TV commercial
  • An Animated explainer video

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