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Here’s a recent Fireworks Accident Promo Video I produced as part of an SEO & content campaign.

The Problem: SEO and Budget.

This small business owner needed to increase his advertising ROI. He wanted to: decrease his overall adverting spend, get more potential customers on the page, increase website session duration and improve organic search ranking on specific topics.

Fireworks Accident Promo Video was shot on a canon DSLR camera.

The Solution: web page revamp & Fireworks Accident Promo Video .

An obvious solution presented itself. Add video content to the page. A.viewer watching the entire 1:54 video will triple the current page view time. Furthermore, the client liked the idea of giving potential clients a sneak peek of his testimony style. Now, they can see him as a composed and well spoken witness.

Working with the client, we revamped and rewrote the fireworks investigation page, focusing on content directed at attorneys, search engine optimization, and added a video section. We took it a step further by adding a tab for the transcript (an SEO enhancement) .

Fireworks Accident Promo Video Production

Shot in the clients office in 1920×1080 HD with a DSLR camera, the interview took less than 30 minutes. I used my in-house lighting set-up and a single person crew.

Image of a video being edited in Adobe Premiere.

The next day, I edited the project in Adobe Premiere, using B-roll sourced from stock footage, and a creative commons music clip. Then I had the video transcribed, added closed captions and provided a transcript of the video on the web page. The Vimeo video embed was customized to match the client site color scheme. See earlier video created for this client

Production and editing took two days and cost the client about $1000.

Watch the Fireworks Accident Promo Video.

View it on the new web page.

Fireworks Accident Expert, Richard Meier

Fireworks Accident Expert page featuring the Fireworks Accident Promo Video.

Bonus Content

The fireworks web page rewrite yielded extra content that didn’t fit the purpose of the sales page but was ideally suited to blog posts. So, we took this already created content and created blog posts for his blog and two related sites: HurtbyFire.com and RichardMeier.expert. The result is some ready made content that he can publish at future time.

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