Holiday Animation

Here’s a holiday animation I made in lieu of Christmas cards. Vintage christmas card images were manipulated and animated with AfterEffects.

Happy Holidays! This year we didn’t have time to send cards, heck I finished this video with only 59 minutes of Christmas left. We’ve had a lovely three days with family and are looking forward to a couple more. Having a late Christmas video means that you all will have time to watch it, right, maybe?

Awesome music by the US Marine Corps Band via Images via


This film was created from a facebook post by my friend Celeste Chapman. It combines found footage and AfterEffects animations to start a discussion about the labels we put on ourselves.

A final project for DGMD E-35 – Cut 1. Original Composition with curated footage. 
Footage from, &
Music by David David Szesztay via

Ring Around the Poseys

Can you be a suburban wife and mother one minute and a criminal the next without doing a thing? After discovering her home on fire, Heather Posey was arrested for arson.

Now, she is fighting for her family, her reputation and her freedom. Forced out of retirement and back to Ohio to support themselves and their legal battles, how are Heather and her family coping with an uncertain future?

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